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If you‘ve ever found yourself in need of financial services outside of regular bank hours, you know how frustrating it can be to find a place to cash a check or send money on evenings or weekends. That‘s where Walmart Money Centers come in.

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With nearly 5,000 locations across the U.S. and extended hours seven days a week, Walmart Money Centers offer a convenient alternative to traditional banks. But before you head to your nearest Supercenter, it‘s important to understand exactly what services Money Centers provide, when they‘re open, and how the fees compare to other options.

As a retail industry expert and frequent Walmart shopper myself, I‘ve thoroughly researched the ins and outs of Money Center hours and services. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know, including:

  • Typical Walmart Money Center hours and how to find them
  • Financial services offered at Money Centers
  • Fees for check cashing, money transfers, and prepaid debit cards
  • Pros and cons of using a Money Center vs. a bank
  • Real customer reviews and experiences
  • Alternatives to consider
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Whether you‘re looking to cash your paycheck after hours, send money to a family member abroad, or explore a prepaid debit card option, read on for a deep dive into all things Walmart Money Center.

When Is Walmart Money Center Open?

While most banks keep strictly limited hours, one of the biggest advantages of Walmart Money Centers is their extended availability. Money Centers are typically open every day of the week, with hours that stretch into the evenings.

Here‘s a general breakdown of Walmart Money Center hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

However, it‘s important to note that hours can vary slightly by location. To confirm the exact hours for the Walmart Money Center near you, I recommend checking your store‘s specific information using one of these methods:

  1. Visit the Walmart store locator and search for your location. Click on the store details to view Money Center hours, which may differ from regular store hours.

  2. Call your local Walmart directly and ask a customer service representative. You can find the phone number on your receipt or by searching for your store online.

  3. Use the Walmart mobile app to access store details and filter for locations with a Money Center.

While you can‘t make an appointment ahead of time, planning your visit around peak hours can help minimize wait times. In my experience, weekday mornings tend to be less crowded. Of course, one of the perks of Walmart Money Center‘s extended hours is the ability to visit at off-peak times like evenings or weekends if needed.

What Can You Do at a Walmart Money Center?

Now that you know when Walmart Money Centers are open, let‘s take a closer look at the types of financial services they offer.

In general, Money Centers aim to provide basic banking alternatives to the millions of American households who are unbanked or underbanked. According to the 2021 FDIC National Survey, an estimated 4.5% of U.S. households (approximately 5.9 million) were "unbanked" in 2021, meaning they did not have a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union.

For these individuals and others who may find traditional banking inaccessible or too costly, Walmart Money Centers offer the following key services:

  • Check cashing: Cash payroll, government, tax refund, and other pre-printed checks up to $5,000. Two-party personal checks can be cashed up to $200.

  • Money transfers: Send money domestically or internationally through MoneyGram, Ria, and Walmart2World. Fees and limits depend on the specific service and sending amount.

  • Bill payments: Pay utility, cable, phone, and other bills in-store using CheckFreePay. Payments can be made with cash or a pin-based debit card.

  • Walmart MoneyCard: Obtain a prepaid Visa or Mastercard that functions similarly to a checking account without requiring a credit check. Deposit funds, make purchases, pay bills, and withdraw cash at ATMs.

  • Money orders: Purchase a MoneyGram money order up to $1,000 for a flat fee of $1.

  • ATM access: Withdraw cash from an in-store ATM using your Walmart MoneyCard or another bank card. Fees may apply depending on your card issuer.

So whether you need to turn a check into cash ASAP, send money to a loved one, or find an alternative to a traditional bank account, Walmart Money Center likely has a service that fits the bill. Just keep in mind that there are transaction limits and fees to factor in.

How Much Does Walmart Money Center Charge?

Speaking of fees, let‘s dive into the costs associated with Walmart Money Center services. While some options like the MoneyCard have no monthly fee, most transactions will cost you something extra.

Here‘s a breakdown of the key fees to be aware of:

Check Cashing Fees

  • For pre-printed checks up to $1,000: $4.00 fee
  • For pre-printed checks over $1,000 up to $5,000: $8.00 fee
  • For two-party personal checks up to $200: $6.00 fee

These fees are on the lower end compared to many other check cashing providers. For example, some dedicated check cashing stores charge a percentage of the check amount (often 1-3%) rather than a flat fee.

However, if you‘re able to open a free checking account with your local bank or credit union, you can usually cash checks for free with no limits.

Money Transfer Fees

  • MoneyGram transfers: Fees start at $4.50 for transfers up to $50 and go up to $16.50 for transfers of $900 or more within the U.S. International transfer fees vary based on destination.

  • Walmart2World transfers: $4 fee for transfers up to $50, $8 fee for transfers of $51 to $1,000, and $16 fee for transfers of $1,001 to $2,500.

  • Ria transfers: Fees start at $3.50 for transfers up to $500 and go up to $17.50 for transfers over $7,500.

These fees can add up quickly, especially if you‘re frequently sending money. If you have a bank account, it‘s worth exploring other low-cost transfer options like Zelle or Venmo.

Walmart MoneyCard Fees

  • Monthly maintenance fee: $0
  • Cash reload at Walmart: $3.00 per reload (free with $1,000+ direct deposit each month)
  • ATM withdrawal at non-MoneyPass ATMs: $2.50 per withdrawal
  • ATM balance inquiry: $0.50 (plus third-party ATM fees)
  • Card replacement: $3.00
  • Foreign transaction fee: 3% per transaction

While some of these fees are avoidable (like by only using in-network ATMs), it‘s important to factor them in when considering the MoneyCard as an alternative to a traditional checking account.

Walmart Money Center Pros and Cons

Now that we‘ve covered the nitty gritty details of Walmart Money Center‘s hours, services, and fees, let‘s zoom out and consider the bigger picture.

Benefits of Using Walmart Money Centers

  1. Convenience: With locations open seven days a week and into the evenings, Walmart Money Center offers much more flexibility than a typical bank. Visiting the Money Center is also easily combined with grocery shopping or other errands.

  2. Accessibility: For the unbanked and underbanked, Walmart Money Centers provide crucial access to financial services without requiring a credit check or minimum balance.

  3. Lower Fees (Sometimes): While Walmart Money Center is far from free, its prices are usually lower than other check cashing stores or retailers like 7-Eleven. The $4 flat fee for checks up to $1,000 is particularly competitive.

  4. Variety of Services: Money Centers serve as a one-stop shop for various financial needs, from cashing a check to sending money abroad to paying bills.

  5. Prepaid Debit Card Option: The Walmart MoneyCard offers many of the perks of a checking account (like direct deposit and cash back rewards) without the barriers to entry.

Drawbacks of Using Walmart Money Centers

  1. Fees Add Up: Relying on Walmart Money Center for regular transactions like check cashing and prepaid debit card reloads can get pricey quickly. A few bucks here and there may not seem like much, but it‘s money you wouldn‘t spend if you had a fee-free bank account.

  2. Limited Services: While Money Centers cover the basics, they don‘t have the full breadth of products and support you‘d get from a real bank. For instance, you can‘t open a CD, apply for a credit card, or get a car loan.

  3. No Relationship Building: One intangible benefit of using a dedicated bank or credit union is the opportunity to build a relationship with the institution. This can come in handy down the line if you need financial advice, a reference, or to apply for a mortgage.

  4. Potential Wait Times: Walmart Money Centers can get busy, especially on weekends and around paydays. This may mean waiting in line to complete your transaction, unlike mobile banking services that are available 24/7.

So is Walmart Money Center worth it? The answer ultimately depends on your specific financial situation and priorities. If you‘re unable to open a free or low-cost checking account, then the benefits of Walmart Money Center may very well outweigh the fees and limitations.

But if you do have access to a bank account, it‘s worth carefully comparing the costs and features to make sure you‘re not leaving money on the table.

Real Customer Reviews of Walmart Money Center

To give you a more well-rounded perspective, I combed through recent online reviews from real Walmart Money Center customers. Here‘s a sampling of their experiences and opinions:

"I‘ve used Walmart to cash checks for years now and it‘s always been a positive experience. The fees are reasonable, the service is fast, and I can pick up groceries while I‘m there. The hours are also much more convenient than banks. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the line can be long." – Jessica T., Google review

"I got the Walmart MoneyCard to help me stick to a budget but it ended up costing me more than I expected in fees. I didn‘t realize how much those $3 reloads would add up. I also had trouble with the app and customer service was hard to get ahold of. I‘m going to look for a regular free checking account instead." – Mark S., Yelp review

"Walmart Money Center has been a lifesaver for sending money to my family overseas. The fees are much lower than other options like Western Union and I appreciate that I can do it while picking up other necessities. I just wish they had a loyalty program or discounts for frequent customers like me." – Ana G., Google review

As you can see, experiences with Walmart Money Center vary depending on individual needs and expectations. For some, the convenience and low fees are unmatched. For others, the costs and limitations prove too much of a headache.

Walmart Money Center Alternatives

If your experience with Walmart Money Center is less than ideal or you‘re looking to explore other options, here are a few alternatives worth considering:

  1. Online Checking Accounts – Online-only banks like Chime, Ally, and Capital One 360 offer fee-free checking and savings accounts with robust mobile apps, nationwide ATM access, and easy money transfers. The tradeoff is not having in-person support.

  2. Local Credit Unions – Credit unions tend to be more community-oriented and offer lower fees and better interest rates than big banks. Many have flexible membership requirements, like living in a certain county or being related to a current member.

  3. Other Prepaid Debit Cards – If you‘re drawn to the simplicity of a prepaid card but turned off by Walmart MoneyCard‘s fees, there are other options on the market. Popular choices include the Bluebird card by American Express and the Movo Virtual Prepaid Card.

  4. Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps – If your main financial need is sending and receiving money from friends and family, peer-to-peer apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App can facilitate those transactions instantly and for free.

Remember, the "best" choice depends on your unique situation and priorities. Don‘t be afraid to mix and match different products and services to cover your bases. For example, you may decide to open an online checking account for your primary banking needs but still visit the Walmart Money Center to send the occasional money order or wire transfer.

Walmart Money Center FAQ

To wrap up, let‘s address some of the most frequently asked questions about Walmart Money Center services and policies.

What time does Walmart Money Center close?

Most Walmart Money Centers close at 8 PM Monday through Saturday and 6 PM on Sundays. However, hours can vary by location. Use the store finder on or call your local store to confirm.

Can someone else cash my check at Walmart?

No, Walmart does not allow third-party check cashing. The person cashing the check must be the payee listed on the check and present a valid government-issued photo ID.

How do I put money on my Walmart MoneyCard?

There are several ways to load money onto your Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits for free
  • Transfer money from another bank account using the MoneyCard app or website
  • Add cash at any Walmart register or Money Center for a $3 fee (waived with $1,000+ direct deposit per month)
  • Use the mobile check deposit feature on the MoneyCard app (limits and fees may apply)

What is the daily ATM withdrawal limit for Walmart MoneyCard?

The daily ATM cash withdrawal limit for the Walmart MoneyCard is $500. This limit resets at midnight CT each day. Note that individual ATM limits and fees may also apply.

How can I avoid Walmart Money Center check cashing fees?

The only surefire way to avoid all check cashing fees at Walmart is to sign up for a Walmart+ membership for $98 per year. Members get select benefits like free check cashing and discounts on various other Money Center services.

If that‘s not in your budget, your best bet is to cash larger checks to minimize the flat fees. For example, you‘ll pay $8 to cash a $1,500 check versus $12 to cash two $750 checks on separate visits.

Can I deposit a check directly to my bank account at Walmart?

Unfortunately, no. Walmart Money Center does not offer direct check deposit. You can cash the check and then deposit the money into your bank account separately, but this will incur the standard check cashing fees.

Final Thoughts

Walmart Money Centers play an important role in providing basic financial services to underserved communities and those who may find traditional banking out of reach. With nearly 5,000 locations nationwide and convenient hours, they offer a degree of accessibility that many banks can‘t match.

However, Walmart Money Center is not a full-fledged replacement for a bank account. Fees can add up quickly, services are limited, and you miss out on valuable benefits like interest-earning accounts and overdraft protection.

Before relying heavily on Walmart Money Center, I recommend exploring if you‘re eligible for a free or low-cost checking account at a local credit union or online bank. Getting your paycheck direct deposited and your bills set to autopay can provide a level of security and efficiency that‘s hard to match.

If you do choose to utilize Walmart Money Center, be a savvy consumer and understand the fee schedule for your most frequent transactions. Take advantage of the retailer‘s extended hours, but don‘t let the convenience tempt you into spending more than necessary.

Ultimately, the right mix of financial products and services looks different for everyone. The most important thing is to educate yourself on the options and make informed choices that align with your unique situation and goals.

Use Walmart Money Center for what it does best—providing a financial safety net when you‘re in a pinch and your bank is closed. But don‘t lose sight of building long-term money management habits that will serve you for years to come.


Walmart Money Center Hours: A Comprehensive Guide - Marketing Scoop (2024)


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