Toxins and enzymes of Clostridium perfringens type A (2024)

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The reduction mechanism at the mercury electrode in neutral and alkaline aqueous media of an hydroxytriphenylmethane dye: Eriochrome Azurol B

1982 •

Rogério Custodio

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Indian patent filed on 0401-2008 ( patent # 30 / MUM / 2008 ) entitled " Recombinant Lectin and Method of Preparation Thereof ” Inventors

2016 •

Dr. Vishwanath Chachadi

1. Nagaraia N. Nagre. Vishwanath B. Chachadi, Palaniswamy M. Sundaram, Ramachandra S. Naik, Radha Pujari , Padma Shastry, Bale M. Swamy, Shashikala R. Inamdar. A potent mitogenic lectin from the mycelia of a phytopathogenic fungus, Rhizoctonia bataticola, with complex sugar specificity and cytotoxic effect on human ovarian cancer cells. Accepted for publication in Glycoconjugate journal (DO110.1007/s10719-010-9285-2)

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Cognitive Neuropsychology

L exical M orphology and the T w o O rthographic R outes

1996 •

William Badecker

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Engineered nanofields for heat transfer process intensification

2006 •

Hajar Alias

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Journal of food protection

Clostridium botulinum spores and toxin in mascarpone cheese and other milk products

1999 •

Anna Ferrini

A total of 1,017 mascarpone cheese samples, collected at retail, were analyzed for Clostridium botulinum spores and toxin, aerobic mesophilic spore counts, as well as pH, a(w) (water activity), and Eh (oxidation-reduction potential). In addition 260 samples from other dairy products were also analyzed for spores and botulinum toxin. Experiments were carried out on naturally and artificially contaminated mascarpone to investigate the influence of different temperature conditions on toxin production by C. botulinum. Three hundred and thirty-one samples (32.5%) of mascarpone were positive for botulinal spores, and 7 (0.8%) of the 878 samples produced at the plant involved in an outbreak of foodborne botulism also contained toxin type A. The chemical-physical parameters (pH, a(w), Eh) of all samples were compatible with C. botulinum growth and toxinogenesis. Of the other milk products, 2.7% were positive for C. botulinum spores. Growth and toxin formation occurred in naturally and exper...

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Cognitive Neuropsychology

The Role of the Graphemic Buffer in Reading

1996 •

Alfonso Caramazza

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Studies of the thermal stability and degradation mechanisms of terephthalate polyesters and telechelic poly(methyl methacrylates)

1990 •

mahmoud bounekhel

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Ph.D. thesis: "Calvarial bone cells: the search for stem cells." Villanueva, JE. (1993). (Microfilm) Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos de América y Biblioteca Doheny, University of Southern California.

Jorge Villanueva Araya

Calvarial bone cells: The search for stem cells Jorge E. Villanueva PhD Dissertation University of Southern California 0 (1993) Dispersed calvarial bone cells from rat fetuses were cultured suspended in agarose and some 30% of them showed deposition of metachromic extracellular matrix. Anchorage independence was a requirement for calvarial cells to express type II collagen Cells recovered from densities 1.04 g percoll/ml or higher were able to mature like chondrocytes. This chondrogenic potential in agarose was affected by subcultivation in monolayers: fresh calvarial cells after 1-2 doubling population in monolayer produced type II collagen less than 15% of that synthesized by freshly suspended and after 3-4 doubling population in monolayer he type II collagen synthesis abolished. Also, monolayer sub-cultivation impaired the ability of calvarial cells to produce bone when implanted in rats while inside demineralized bone matrix (DBM) chambers. Moreover, both in vivo and in vitro chondrogenic potential of these cells were inversely depending upon the cell concentration. Bone development is tightly associated with vascularization. Endothelial cells enhanced bone formation by calvarial cells when implanted together in Millipore diffusion chambers. In chambers with calvarial cells alone cartilage was often seen. The calcium deposition was 70 times higher in chambers containing cell mixture than chambers containing either endothelial or calvarial cells alone. DBM-powder did not mimic similar effect on calvarial cell osteogenesis. It is not well known how angiogenesis may promote osteogenesis and a critical step is to define these events occurring between endothelial and bone cells under controlled genotype backgrounds. A cationic liposome was used for the introduction of E1A-gene to isolated rat endothelial and calvarial cell lines. Because of a low growth rate of the former cells, an improved media was designed to success in transforming these cells. Geneticin resistant and E1A-oncoprotein producing endothelial cell lines were established. In addition, a collection of drug-resistant calvaria cell lines were isolated of which morphological appearance, although similar to primary calvaria cell cultures, was very stable after extensive growth. Finally, the design of an alternative approach for the characterization of bone stem cells is proposed by using transient immortalization with a temperature sensitive oncogenic agent and scrutinizing among others the ability to mature like chondrocytes. (Copies available exclusively from Micrographics Department, Doheny Library, USC, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-0182.) Keywords: Biological sciences, Molecular biology, bone cells

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Assessment of iron, manganese and arsenic removal efficiencies of conventional iron removal plants

2006 •

Asiful Hoque

The most widely reported groundwater-quality problems in Bangladesh include excessive concentration of As and Fe. However, available groundwater quality data suggests that excessive concentration of Mn is also a significant problem in many areas of the country. The iron problem has long been recognized, and many technologies have been developed for Fe removal at municipal, community and household levels. After the detection of As, many municipal IRPs are now being used for removal of both and Fe and As, and many community plants (AIRPs) have been developed for removal of both Fe and As from tubewell water. The Mn issue, however, has attracted less attention and there is little data available on the performance of these plants, especially with regard to Mn removal. The study assessed the Fe, As and Mn removal efficiencies of six municipal IRPs, three ironcum-hardness removal plants, and fifteen community IRPs/ AIRPs. The municipal IRPs have been found effective in removing Fe from gr...

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Release of γ-Aminobutyric Acid in the Dorsal Horn and Suppression of Tactile Allodynia by Spinal Cord Stimulation in Mononeuropathic Rats

1996 •

Ernst Brodin

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Toxins and enzymes of Clostridium perfringens type A (2024)


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