The Symbolic Meaning of Diamond Shapes and What They Mean for You | Cullen Jewellery (2024)

In search of the symbolic meaning of diamond shapes and what they mean for your individuality? Each cut, from the traditional round to the avant-garde princess, is more than mere design; it can be a reflection of character and beliefs. This article will illuminate the subtle yet profound messages encapsulated within these timeless icons, offering insights into their deeper connotations.

Key Takeaways

  • Diamond shapes carry symbolic meanings that reflect personal style, values, and personality traits, with round diamonds symbolising eternal love and princess cut diamonds embodying modern elegance.
  • Unique diamond cuts like oval for creativity, emerald for sophisticated confidence, and pear for adventure offer distinct aesthetic benefits such as elongating the finger and conveying specific personality attributes.
  • More unconventional shapes like heart for pure love, cushion for warmth and nostalgia, and Asscher for old-school introspection provide additional options for expressing individuality and taste in jewellery.

Table of Contents

  • Key Takeaways
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Round Diamonds
    • The Classic Choice
    • A Symbol of Perfection
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
    • Contemporary Elegance
  • Oval Shaped Diamonds
    • Elegance in Elongation
    • Vintage Charm Meets Modern Grace
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
    • Bold and Daring
    • A Reflection of Sophistication
  • Pear Shaped Diamonds
    • Teardrops of Joy
    • Adventurous Elegance
  • Marquise Cut Diamonds
    • Opulent Origins
    • Glamour with a Purpose
  • Heart Shaped Diamonds
    • Love Embodied in a Shape
    • Choosing with the Heart
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
    • Soft Sides, Brilliant Light
    • Nostalgic Yet Timeless
  • Elongated Cushion Diamonds
  • Elongated Hexagon Diamonds
  • Radiant Diamonds
  • Asscher Diamonds
  • Summary


Diamonds, whether mined or lab grown, are cherished for their brilliance and beauty. But did you know that their shapes can tell a story, too? This blog will delve into the diamond shapes available at Cullen Jewellery, exploring how each diamond shape offers a glimpse into the wearer’s personality, style, and values.

Round Diamonds

We begin our exploration with the classic round diamond. Representing eternity and perfection, this diamond shape is a timeless symbol of everlasting love. Its exceptional brilliance, coupled with its ability to reflect light beautifully, has made the diamond ring, especially with a round diamond, the most popular choice for engagement rings.

The Classic Choice

Round diamonds have an elegant shape and a quiet elegance. Their brilliance and timeless elegance make them a classic look for any piece of jewellery. The adaptability of this diamond shape, especially the round shaped diamond, enhances its traditional romance and makes it a popular style for various jewellery settings.

A Symbol of Perfection

The round diamond shape signifies love without end. Its meticulously cut facets and circular shape symbolise perfect beauty and classic elegance. It’s a shape that mirrors the perfection we seek in love and relationships.

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Princess Cut Diamonds

Transitioning from classic to contemporary styles, we encounter the princess cut diamond. Offering the same brilliance as round diamonds, this diamond shape’s chic square shape maximises sparkle.

It’s the perfect symbol of modern elegance and stability.

Contemporary Elegance

The princess cut diamond is celebrated for its modern look, distinguished by sharp angles and geometric shapes. Its clean lines are indicative of harmony and balance, qualities that are desired in modern romantic relationships.

It’s an unusual diamond shape that exudes contemporary sophistication, making it one of the most sought-after diamond shapes. The four sides of the princess cut diamond can represent:

  • Trust
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Communication

These values are reflected in the structural integrity of the cut.

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Oval Shaped Diamonds

Our exploration continues with the oval shaped diamond. This diamond shape combines elegance, creativity, and eternity. Its sophisticated curves and elongation are associated with femininity and classic romantic appeal, representing a sense of timeless elegance.

Elegance in Elongation

The elongated shape of an oval diamond can create a slimming effect that makes the wearer’s fingers appear longer and thinner. This shape enhances its presence on the finger and contributes to the elegance of elongation.

Vintage Charm Meets Modern Grace

Oval shaped diamonds capture both vintage style charm and distinct uniqueness. This oval diamond shape is the quintessence of sophistication and creativity, ideal for those who cherish traditional values alongside individual expression.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Our journey brings us to the emerald cut diamonds. Known for their distinctive features, emerald cut diamonds are:

  • Rectangular in shape with rounded corners
  • Associated with luxury, timeless elegance, balance, and stability
  • A bold choice for those with discerning taste

Bold and Daring

Emerald cut diamonds:

  • Reflect a confident personality appreciating unique and understated elegance
  • Appeal to those with a discerning taste for design
  • Symbolise the wearer’s boldness and clarity of vision

A Reflection of Sophistication

Emerald cut diamonds showcase their elegance and complexity through their ‘hall of mirrors’ effect and large surface area. These features add intrigue and depth to the emerald cut diamond, symbolising complexity and introspection that align with the sophistication of its wearer.

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Pear Shaped Diamonds

We then move on to the pear shaped diamond. The teardrop shape of pear diamonds represents both the joys and sorrows experienced in a deep relationship, making it perfect for those seeking a unique and adventurous option.

Teardrops of Joy

Pear shaped diamonds are symbols of longevity, love, faithfulness, and the enchanting beauty of nature. Beyond its charm, the pear-shaped diamond holds significance for couples as a symbol of independence, individuality, and empowerment.

Adventurous Elegance

Pear shaped diamonds symbolise a relationship that embraces growth and embarks on an adventurous love journey. The elongated pear shape of the diamond can accentuate and lengthen the appearance of the wearer’s fingers, contributing to its elegant and sophisticated look.

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Marquise Cut Diamonds

Our exploration proceeds with the marquise shaped diamond. With connections to royalty and aristocracy, this diamond shape symbolises luxury, status, and dramatic flair.

Opulent Origins

The modern marquise diamond features a precise cut and facet arrangement, maximising light performance and elegance. With ideal proportions, marquise diamonds optimise their sparkle and reflect the wearer’s balance.

Glamour with a Purpose

Marquise cut diamonds project an image of lavishness and ambition. Their elongated form and historical origins make the marquise cut diamond a symbol of luxury and status.

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Heart Shaped Diamonds

We now turn our attention to the heart shaped diamond. This diamond shape symbolises love in its purest form and reflects the spiritual and emotional connection between two people.

Love Embodied in a Shape

Heart shaped diamonds have been symbols of love and admiration for centuries. They offer a profound emotional significance that is timeless and cherished.

Choosing with the Heart

A well-cut heart shaped diamond can make a stunning statement. It represents a unique and special alternative to more common diamond cuts.

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Next, we delve into the world of cushion cut diamonds. These diamonds symbolise warmth, romance, nostalgia, and comfort.

Their soft sparkle and comfort make them a popular choice among gem enthusiasts.

Soft Sides, Brilliant Light

Cushion cut diamonds represent a harmonious combination of traditional round and antique square shapes. Their soft sides and brilliant light make them a symbol of resilience and clarity in relationships.

Nostalgic Yet Timeless

With origins dating back to early diamond cutting styles, cushion cut diamonds offer a timeless and versatile option for modern jewellery. Their unique shape and soft sparkle make them a popular choice for those seeking a touch of nostalgia.

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Elongated Cushion Diamonds

Elongated cushion cut diamonds, a variation of the cushion cut, exhibit a more extended, rectangular structure. They combine the sparkle and fire of rectangular diamonds with the softer appearance of round diamonds, offering a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

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Elongated Hexagon Diamonds

The elongated hexagon diamond shape, recognised for its unique clean lines and unusual appearance, evokes a vintage-inspired look. Its unique look and symbolism make it a popular choice for those seeking distinctive ring settings.

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Radiant Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds from Cullen Jewellery merge the brilliance of round diamonds with the elegance of emerald cuts, offering a vibrant choice for those seeking a modern yet timeless symbol of love. Known for their bright sparkle and trimmed corners, radiant cuts embody innovation, creativity, and energy.

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Asscher Diamonds

We culminate our exploration with the Asscher cut diamond. Its unique square shape with cropped corners and step-cut facets highlights clarity and a vintage elegance, appealing to those who appreciate both tradition and uniqueness. This cut stands for a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, making it ideal for individuals seeking to express their distinct vision and character.

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We have gone on a journey through the symbolic meanings of various diamond shapes, each one carrying its own tale of love, commitment, and personality. Whether it’s the classic allure of round diamonds, the modern elegance of princess cut diamonds, or the unique lustre of pear shaped diamonds, every diamond shape tells its own story. Find yours today with Cullen Jewellery.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Diamond Shapes and What They Mean for You | Cullen Jewellery (2024)


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