The Significance of the Moon Phase You Were Born Under | Astrology Answers (2024)

Once you know your Sun sign and Moon sign and their exact locations, you can take the next step and find what Moon phase you were born in.

The Moon phase you were born under can give a little more insight into you and your personality. It can provide information about how you express and understand yourself.

So, let’s find out. What does yours say about you?

About the Lunar Cycle

The Moon travels through all 12 zodiac signs in less than one month, and as it does, it comes to specific distances from the Sun. This creates the lunar cycle, and there are eight phases in the lunar cycle that are 45 degrees each.

They are:

  • New Moon Phase: 0 – 44 degrees
  • Crescent or Waxing Crescent Moon Phase: 45 – 89 degrees
  • First Quarter Moon Phase: 90 – 134 degrees
  • Gibbous or Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase: 135 – 179 degrees
  • Full Moon Phase: 180 – 224 degrees
  • Disseminating or Waning Crescent Moon Phase: 225 – 269 degrees
  • Third Quarter or Last Quarter Moon Phase: 270 – 314 degrees
  • Balsamic or Waning Gibbous Moon Phase: 315 – 359 degrees

In transit, each Moon phase lasts for about three and a half days.

How to Determine What Moon Phase You Were Born Under

To find what Moon phase you were born in, you’ll need to find the distance between your Sun and Moon. Find the exact position of your natal Sun, and then count forward to get to your natal Moon position.

There are 30 degrees in every zodiac sign, and the signs go in order as follows:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

Starting over again at Aries.

So let’s say your natal Sun is located at 8 degrees Leo, and your natal Moon is located at 17 degrees Capricorn. They are five signs apart, which is 150 degrees (30 degrees times 5), and 17 degrees is further ahead than 8, so there’s an extra 9 degrees (17 degrees minus 8 degrees).

This makes for a 159-degree difference, which would mean you were born in the Gibbous or Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase.

Let’s say your natal Sun is located at 23 degrees Scorpio, and your natal Moon is located at 5 degrees Gemini. They are seven signs apart, which is 210 degrees (30 degrees times 7). And 5 degrees is behind 23 degrees, so there’s 18 degrees less (23 degrees minus 5 degrees).

This makes for 192 degrees difference, which would mean you were born in the Full Moon Phase.

The Moon’s Phases

New Moon

New Moon people tend to be high energy, easily excited, and all about new beginnings. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and enthusiasm, so when you’re born under a New Moon Phase, you’re someone who can always be ready for new projects and ventures that you’re enthusiastic about.

You may be open to adventure and jump into whatever stirs your interest quickly without much thought. You can have killer instincts that guide you, but likely do need to learn to gather information sometimes.

You may be impulsive, so it can be important to gain some control over that to keep you out of trouble. Learning more about yourself may be a constant journey throughout your life.

Crescent or Waxing Crescent

Crescent/Waxing Crescent Moon people tend to be more productive and focused. You can understand the importance of planning and laying the groundwork so you’re someone who can quietly sow and make progress.

You can be creative and optimistic about the possibilities before you and feel confident in what you can create with the opportunities you have, but you may feel there’s too much expected of you (even from yourself) and need to listen less to what others think.

You may encounter many challenges throughout your life, but you can push through with determination. Sometimes, this may lead you to not know when to give up, though, so that’s something that has to be learned.

First Quarter

First Quarter Moon people tend to be active people. You can feel a huge push to make things happen and accomplish something tangible and can keep going no matter what to make it happen. Learning how to put less pressure on yourself is likely one of your lessons.

You may feel instinctively that you have to keep busy to work through internal pressures and challenges, and this can make you excel in many areas, yet you may need to turn more inward at times and focus more on yourself.

You can be great in the moment and able to handle any crisis that hits you with ease.

Gibbous or Waxing Gibbous

Gibbous/Waxing Gibbous Moon people tend to be great at research and investigation (times 10 if you’re a Scorpio Sun or Moon!). You likely want to understand as much as you can about situations and people and will keep going until you’re satisfied.

This can also apply to you personally. You can be comfortable turning inward, reflecting, and being introspective. You can ask hard questions of yourself to understand yourself better.

Professionally, you can be talented in many areas, which can give you lots of options. Therefore, you may not be very loyal to any one option and prefer to try a bunch out.

Full Moon Phase

Full Moon people tend to have dynamic personalities. When born under the Full Moon Phase, you usually find that people either love or hate you, and there’s not much middle ground. Once you accept that, you can find your relationships grow.

Your connections with others can be important to you, and you can learn a lot about yourself via your relationships and partnerships. You may bring lots of different people into your life and learn through each of them.

You may struggle at times with satisfying your ego needs and your emotional needs, so you may have to learn to balance them.

Disseminating or Waning Crescent

Disseminating/Waning Crescent people tend to be speakers, writers, teachers, and overall communicators. You have plenty to say, lots of experience and wisdom, and want to share this with the world to help make it better.

It may be frustrating at times when it seems like no one is listening or taking action from what you say, so you have to learn to accept that you can’t control their actions. You’re just the messenger.

You can go big in the causes you’re passionate about and can work to dismantle the status quo.

Third Quarter or Last Quarter

Third Quarter/Last Quarter Moon people tend to be comfortable with solitude, especially when young. You may find the world to be too demanding and like to have quiet time to yourself to renew your energies.

You may live a life where you have much to let go of, and letting go may be something you do periodically. You may be someone who can’t handle too much excess and doesn’t like clutter as it clutters your mind and heart.

A transformation may come at some point in your life, and it’s a big one that puts you on a completely new path.

Balsamic or Waning Gibbous

Balsamic/Waning Gibbous Moon people tend to feel different from everyone else. Yours is an old soul, and you can feel the weight of karmic baggage throughout your life when born under a Balsamic/Waning Gibbous Moon phase.

This life may be focused on releasing some of that karma.

This also gives you a great ability to be in tune with the energies around you, making you both highly intuitive as well as perceptive. You can understand how the pieces fit together instinctively and have a view of the future that others don’t quite see but turns out to be quite correct.

Transformation can also be an important theme for this phase, and you may transform at many points throughout your life.

Be In Tune with Your Own Lunar Phase!

Learn more about what Moon phase you were born under, and keep learning more about what this means for you. Use your Moon phase wisely!

Interested in learning more? Find out what your Moon sign has to say about your personality!

The Significance of the Moon Phase You Were Born Under | Astrology Answers (2024)


What is the significance of the moon phase at birth? ›

While the moon sign indicates the motives of one's inner world, many astrologers consider the moon phase at birth to capture the emotional tone of one's life. Someone born on a full moon, for example, will be open and expressive, while someone with a trailing-off waning crescent will value solitude.

What does the moon mean when your born? ›

Full Moon babies, you've been born into a big—and meaningful life! Oftentimes, individuals who are born during a Full Moon crave intensity, passion, and the spotlight. They are “all or nothing” individuals who hunger for new experiences, regardless if they're good or bad.

What does it mean when you were born on the same moon phase? ›

After all, being born under the same moon phase means you'll approach emotions in a similar way. For instance, if you were both born at the new moon, you are equally imaginative and hopeful. If you were both born at the full moon, you'll both pour the same amount of fervor into your connection.

What is the significance of being born under a waning crescent moon? ›

During this stage, the moon is still mostly lit but is starting to recline. Babies born under this lunar phase are often intellectually sophisticated and tend to learn quickly from their experiences. It is why they seem so full of knowledge and wisdom, even at a young age.

What does the Moon phase symbolize? ›

Growth and Manifestation: The different phases of the moon are often used to symbolize stages of growth or the process of manifesting desires, especially in spiritual or mystical practices. Illumination and Guidance: As a source of light in the darkness, the moon can symbolize illumination, insight, and guidance.

What is the most rare moon phase to be born on? ›

Considering all the Moon phases, on average the fewest children are born on days with the New Moon.

Are soulmates born on the same moon phase? ›

Compatible moon phases could help contribute to overall compatibility, of course, but they're not essential to a healthy relationship, nor do they guarantee soulmate status.

What is the personality of the moon phase? ›

Waxing Gibbous: Practical, compassionate, and straightforward in matters of the heart. Full Moon: Emotionally sensitive and passionate individuals with deep loyalty. Waning Gibbous: Grounded, confident, and adept at communication. Last Quarter: People who naturally go with the flow and appreciate open-mindedness.

What are twin flames in moon phase? ›

Waning Crescent Moon

This is how it works. TikTokers are saying if you and your partner's moon phases create a full moon, you're soulmates, and if you both have the same phase, you're twin flames.

What does it mean if you were born under a new moon? ›

New Moons represent new beginnings or the start of a journey—you're here to embrace new experiences and opportunities. People born under this Moon phase generally have a lot of enthusiasm but need help with the follow-through.

What does the waning moon mean spiritually? ›

The waning crescent is the phase just before the new moon, and is characterised by a thin crescent. Where the waxing crescent brings with it a wealth of new opportunities and optimism, a waning crescent brings a sense of surrender and reflection.

What is the significance of being born on a full moon? ›

The full moon is so bright that it lights up the night. This brightness brings a lot of energy, and people born during this time often feel this energy too. They are usually very lively and can easily get others excited and motivated, whether at parties, at work, or in other parts of their lives.

How does moon phase affect birth? ›

Phillips Heine, MD, and Amy MacDonald, CNM, MSN, say this particular bit of folklore is a myth, in their opinion. Dr. Heine, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, is quick to dispute any connection between the phases of the moon and the onset of labor.

What does the moon have to do with birth? ›

The most recent, exhaustive studies suggest that there is no relationship between the different lunar phases and birth rates. There is a long-standing belief that there is a connection between the Moon, fertility and birth.

What does the moon do in a birth chart? ›

Your moon sign is one of the most important parts of your astrological profile: it represents your emotional side, your feelings, intuition and memories. It also dictates your relationship with the main maternal influences in your life, as well as how you nurture and care for others.

What is the moon theory of babies? ›

Is it true that more babies are born when there is a full moon? Like most old wives' tales, this tale (keyword: tale) is not true, despite the fact that even doctors and nurses like to repeat this one.


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