Stix Golf Clubs Review Rick Shiels (2024)

1. The Rick Shiels Review - Stix Golf

  • 18 dec 2020 · Nov. 17, 2021 Update: Rick Shiels has reviewed the current version of our clubs. Spoiler alert: he claims Stix is the "best pound for pound ...

  • Nov. 17, 2021 Update: Rick Shiels has reviewed the current version of our clubs.  Spoiler alert: he claims Stix is the "best pound for pound golf clubs you can buy" that are new! He also puts us head to head - or rather, driver to driver - against Callaway, and we're not saying we smoked 'em in direct comparison, but W

2. Stix Golf - Modern golf clubs at a fair price.

  • Read More Reviews · Golf Club Sets · Lightly Used Golf Clubs · Individual Clubs

  • Stix makes modern, high quality golf gear that offers premium feel and performance at a fair price. We are changing the culture of over-priced equipment. Our clubs feature a minimalist aesthetic, creating products for the modern golfer. We produce confidence-building hardware so you can look better & play better.

3. Stix Golf Clubs Reviews

4. Direct-to-Consumer Golf Clubs | Stix

  • We've had review after review come in praising Stix clubs. Players love the ... “I ordered Stix based on youtube reviews by GM Golf and Rick Shiels. I ...

  • At Stix, our focus is to bring sleek, affordable, high-quality golf clubs direct-to-consumer. Look great, play better, and save with our modern clubs.

5. Test Beginners LP - Stix Golf

  • ... clubs… Exactly as advertised.” - Chris Overlay. Verified Purchaser Badge. Stix Premium Feel. “I ordered Stix based on youtube reviews by GM Golf and Rick Shiels ...

  • Skip the overpriced a-la-carte options and big box starter sets. Learn with affordable clubs you’ll still love when you break 80. Shop beginner golf clubs you won’t outgrow.

6. Stix Golf Clubs - General Equipment Talk - MyGolfSpy Forum

  • 21 apr 2022 · ... review/stix-golf-clubs/. Quote. In my :ping-small: Hoofer: :ping ... Rick Shiels also has a video on this brand. An error occurred. Try ...

  • Looks like a new brand has hit the scenes with a decent offering - Stix! Pitched as a DTC w/ disruptor mentality, these are a new offering looking to shake things up and hopefully make golf more accessible with a decent offering to the younger crowd or those who play a few rounds a year. After ch...

7. All black golf club sets people are raving about - Stix Golf

  • ... clubs you can buy” - Rick Shiels 2,000+ Verified 5 Star Reviews. Read Reviews. So Simple. Golf has gotten unnecessarily complicated. Buy clubs that fit, online ...

  • Stix clubs are engineered by the very best designers. Built with the very best materials. Using only club technology proven to aid performance. Just say no to a golf club set that screams “beginner clubs”. Big box starter sets may be affordably priced, but they cut corners on quality, performance, and design.

8. I think I've found my NEW IRONS...... on Rick Shiels Golf

  • Rick Shiels shows off the brand new Ping Blueprint irons, testing their performance, feel, and distance control.

9. Stix Golf Products - Landing Page - Optishot Golf

  • This driver REALLY impressed me. This package set could get big brands VERY WORRIED. - Rick Shiels (Yes, that Rick Shiels). VIEW CLUB SETS. BEST CLUBS I'VE HAD.

  • Golf Simulators from Optishot give you a great virtual golfing experience at home. Come see our mats, monitors, and simulators.

10. Stix Golf Set Review (14 Clubs) Images & Video Included - Golf Leap

  • 21 dec 2023 · Overall, I really enjoyed the irons and they never gave me any major issues while in play. Nothing amazing but nothing bad either. They're ...

  • An in-depth Stix Golf Set Review (14 Clubs), showcasing its extreme forgiveness and quality. Illustrations of every golf club from different angles, videos of my playing at the course, and an in-depth buying guide!

11. Rick Shiels questions negativity on affordable golf brands - GolfMagic

  • 18 aug 2020 · "I see a lot of jokes on here about Dunlop, Slazenger, Donnay etc golf clubs. ... Stix Compete Driver Review · Stix Compete Driver.

  • Content creator Rick Shiels has questioned why affordable golf brands receive so much negativity, when they are crucial in getting new people into the sport.

12. Score the All-Black Golf Clubs of Your Dreams for 20% Off | Gear Patrol

  • 1 okt 2022 · And the brand has had its praises sung by the likes of Golf Digest, Wired, Rick Shiels and Sports Illustrated, to name a few. Essentially, Stix ...

  • The DTC darling brand Stix is offering a rare sitewide sale, but it won't last long.

Stix Golf Clubs Review Rick Shiels (2024)


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