Seluvis Secret Chamber (2024)

1. Elden Ring: Where to Find Seluvis' Secret Puppet Room

  • 23 jan 2024 · Seluvis' secret room can be found beneath some illusionary flooring in between Renna and Ranni's Rise in the Three Sisters section of Caria ...

  • Image: Attack of the Fanboy It comes as no surprise that the secret puppet room Seluvis has hidden away is not all that far from his residence. But the

2. Seluvis Questline - Elden Ring Guide - IGN

  • 25 feb 2022 · There is a hidden chamber in the ruins by Ranni's Rise that reveals Seluvis's monstrous secret. The ruins themselves can be somewhat ...

  • Seluvis is one of the many NPCs you'll encounter that has a side quest to complete in Elden Ring. For this part of our Elden Ring guide, you'll find

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  • 6 mei 2022 · Hidden Room Also Located Inside The Basem*nt ... At the back of the basem*nt, there is a room hidden by a wall that cannot be passed through ...

  • Seluvis Questline & Location Guide for Elden Ring. See how to get Seluvis's Potion, schemes & outcomes, rise basem*nt location, Seluvis questline, & if Potion or quest not working!

5. Seluvis's Rise | Elden Ring Wiki - Fextralife

  • 25 mrt 2022 · A tower bequeathed unto Preceptor Seluvis. Serves as his personal study as he delves into the sorcerous arts.

  • Seluvis's Rise Elden Ring Location Guide. Full list of NPCs, Walkthrough, All Items, and Enemy & Creatures, Boss Encounters for Elden Ring.

6. Elden Ring: How To Complete Seluvis' Questline - TheGamer

  • 10 apr 2022 · Returning To Seluvis And The Secret Room. Seluvis' Scheme And The Amber Starlight. Gain The Magic Scorpion Charm. Betraying Ranni The Witch.

  • Another long quest with a magical NPC. Let's check all the details in this guide.

7. Elden Ring: How To Complete The Seluvis Quest - SVG

  • 6 mei 2022 · To continue his questline, you must find Seluvis' secret puppet room. This area is hidden in the ruins northeast of Ranni's Rise. Upon reaching ...

  • Seluvis comes across as arrogant with his patronizing tone and smug speech. But he does offer an intense questline in "Elden Ring."

8. Sorceress Sellen Questline - Elden Ring Guide - IGN

  • 25 feb 2022 · ... Seluvis's Secret Chamber for the next leg of Sellen's quest. Where to Find Sorceress Sellen in Seluvis's Chamber. To continue Sellen's quest ...

  • Sorceress Sellen is one of the many NPCs you'll encounter that has a side quest to complete in Elden Ring. For this part of our Elden Ring guide,

9. Elden Ring: How to Complete Preceptor Seluvis's Quest

  • ... secret chambers, in order to continue Preceptor Seluvis' quest. Return to Preceptor Seluvis and Get Your Puppet.

  • Where to find Preceptor Seluvis

10. Elden Ring Seluvis quest guide - PC Gamer

  • 3 mei 2022 · Start Ranni's quest and meet Seluvis at his Rise; Agree to give the potion to Nepheli (your choice); Locate the hidden puppet cellar; Buy all ...

  • His quest ties in with several other NPCs, but it's easy to miss.

11. Elden Ring Seluvis's Bell Bearing | Where To Find - RankedBoost

  • 7 nov 2023 · Seluvis's Potion · Larval Tear · Whetstone Knife · Godskin Prayerbook · Haligtree Secret Medallion Right · Haligtree Secret Medallion Left.

  • Elden Ring Seluvis's Bell Bearing | Where to find and what effect this item has when used in elden ring.

Seluvis Secret Chamber (2024)


Where is the seluvis basem*nt? ›

In between Ranni's Rise and Renna's Rise, you'll see a ruined building and a set of stairs that go down hidden by an illusory floor, protected by a Noble Sorcerer who is otherwise invisible unless close by. There are many doll-like figures around the basem*nt, with a message saying "Seluvis's puppet.

Where is the hidden path near Rannis rise? ›

The ruins northeast of Ranni's Rise have a hidden staircase that you can roll into to reveal. Go down these stairs and you'll enter a room filled with catatonic people. Head to the southern end of the room and hit the wall at the end to reveal another illusory wall.

How to open seluvis rise? ›

Upon accessing the Three Sisters in northwest Liurnia, you'll be granted access to three distinct towers; however, to remove the magic barrier in front of Seluvis's tower, you will need to visit Ranni's Rise and begin the Ranni the Witch Questline. By doing this, you can speak to Seluvis in his own tower.

What happens if you give Ranni the amber draught? ›

Effects. Attempting to administer this tonic to Ranni the Witch, she'll wake up and order the player to leave; if spoken twice afterwards, she'll instantly kill the player even from full health.

What happens if I give Gideon the potion? ›

If you give the potion to Gideon and tell Seluvis you did as he asked, you'll still be able to buy Elden Ring sorceries from Seluvis. If you give the potion to Nepheli, she will turn into a doll and leave Roundtable Hold soon after, an eternal slave to Seluvis.

Who killed Seluvis in Elden Ring? ›

Ranni (offscreen) kills seluvis for trying to turn her into a puppet. She does this IIRC after you give her the fingerslayer blade. As far as I know, selvius is unimportant to rannis quest. Ranni (offscreen) kills seluvis for trying to turn her into a puppet.

Can I still get a dung eater puppet? ›

You only get the puppet after he dies, you can pick it up from his corpse. After you have aquired dung eater in his secret room do Ranni's quest line and he should die. this was the answer, i gave ranni the blade and went to his corpse his corpse sold the puppet, thanks a lot!

Why is Seluvis tower locked? ›

When first arriving at the Three Sisters, the entrance to Seluvis's Rise is blocked by a barrier. It is unlocked only after speaking to Ranni the Witch atop Ranni's Rise in the northwest and subsequently being invited by Preceptor Seluvis.

Should you serve Ranni the Witch? ›

Should You Serve Ranni the Witch? Ranni will ask you to serve her once you reach her. There are no negative consequences to saying yes - only boons, such as more story questlines and unique rewards. You must complete Ranni's questline to continue Fia's Questline, which unlocks yet another unique ending as well.

What happens if you don't give Nepheli the potion? ›

During this discussion, he'll offer you the choice of giving him the potion to dispose of, or doing as Seluvis wishes and giving it to Nepheli. If you choose the former, you will still be able to complete Seluvis' quest, but you will save Nepheli from her fate of becoming a summonable puppet Spirit Ash.

Why is Ranni's rise shut? ›

Renna's Rise is blocked off by a magical barrier, not unlike those seen in Sellia, Town of Sorcery or its Hideaway. Head back towards Ranni's Rise and get to the top to speak with Ranni and begin her questline. You will be charged with uncovering Nokron the Eternal City with her servant Blaidd.

How to betray Ranni? ›

However, if you'd like to take this further and betray Ranni the Witch, you can do so. Wait a little while then obtain the Amber Draught from Preceptor Seluvis and administer it to Ranni the Witch.

Can you finish Seluvis quest? ›

Complete Seluvis's quest and betray Ranni

In return, Seluvis will give you the Magical Scorpion Charm. Important: At this point you can finish the quest and don't run the risk of messing up Ranni's quest. If you continue and betray the witch, she will turn against you.

How to get Seluvis to sell puppets? ›

Find Selluvis hidden cellar and reveal his secret. Return to Selluvis he will sell you puppet to bribe you. Purchase all puppets and any sorcery you like and ask him about the scheme. Get the amber starlight shard and give it to him.

How do you complete the Preceptor Seluvis quest? ›

Elden Ring Seluvis quest summary
  1. Start Ranni's quest and meet Seluvis at his Rise.
  2. Agree to give the potion to Nepheli (your choice)
  3. Locate the hidden puppet cellar.
  4. Buy all sorceries and both puppets from Seluvis.
  5. Find the Amber Starlight item.
  6. Give the Amber Draught to Ranni.
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