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@article{Mastuti2023InvestigatingPC, title={Investigating Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Decision-Making on Algebraic Tasks}, author={Ajeng Gelora Mastuti}, journal={JRPM (Jurnal Review Pembelajaran Matematika)}, year={2023}, url={https://api.semanticscholar.org/CorpusID:269956471}}
  • Ajeng Gelora Mastuti
  • Published in Jurnal Review Pembelajaran… 30 June 2023
  • Mathematics, Education

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) tasks and decision-making are closely related to teaching and learning mathematics. This study aims to investigate teacher PCK in decision-making on different algebra tasks and to see activity in teacher-student interactions. This research is qualitative, with a research approach used as a case study. The participants in this study were only one teacher with different characteristics in mathematics tasks. Data collection consisted of primary research data…

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The phenomenon in schools today is that teachers rarely change their tasks. However, the teacher's activities to change their tasks, build students' arguments, support solutions, and maintain

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The importance of critical thinking ability in solving mathematical problems can improve the quality of thinking and make thinkers better understand the content that has been studied. This research

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Fostering Preservice Teachers’ Diagnostic Competence in Identifying Students’ Misconceptions in Physics
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Physics teachers need diagnostic competence to effectively identify students’ misconceptions, but studies have yet to sufficiently investigate how this competence can be advanced through various

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Epistemological beliefs simultaneously affect mathematical communication skills. The higher the epistemological beliefs of a person's ability to formulate concepts, convey ideas, and hone ideas to

An Examination of Related Factors of Mathematical Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Elementary School Teachers: Focusing on Conceptions of Teaching and Learning and Test Utilization Strategy
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We examined the relationship between pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) test scores and elementary school teachers’ psychological variables, conceptions of teaching and learning and test utilization

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The phenomenon today in schools is that teachers rarely build student arguments but only accept students' answers. However, teacher activities that always make students 'arguments and support each

The relationship between grade 11 learners’ procedural and conceptual knowledge of algebra
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The acquisition of procedural and conceptual knowledge is imperative for the development of problem solving skills in mathematics. However, while there are mixed research findings on the relationship

Mathematics self-concept and challenges of learners in an online learning environment during COVID-19 pandemic
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The relationship between four factors of individual online learners and their mathematics self-concept was explored and the challenges the students faced in learning mathematics online during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic were determined.

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Mathematics Classroom Assessment: A Framework for Designing Assessment Tasks and Interpreting Students’ Responses
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A framework that provides a lens to capture the interplay between the design of mathematics assessment tasks and the analysis of students’ responses is presented and is exemplified with students' responses from a fourth-grade classroom, and is also used to sketch differentStudents’ profiles.

Teaching Classroom Mathematics: Linking Two Pedagogical Models for Promoting Student Engagement and Conceptual Connections
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This paper explains how an original conceptual framework model for mathematics pedagogy, the Australian Curriculum Conceptual Rubric (ACCR), has continued to be used successfully by the author in

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