Any man I have to use food to lure into being in a relationship with me is a man I don't want - Nigerian lady says (2024)



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Anonymousabout 13 hours ago

what would you rather use... yansh and breast... mumu

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Anonymousabout 10 hours ago

am sure its 9ja girls disliking my comments... tueh

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Anonymousabout 9 hours ago

Yes these ones too work

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Anonymousabout 5 hours ago

Always Igbo girls. One girl prayed to marry a rich man but she always asked God to give her a man who eats once a day or he comes home with take aways everyday because she doesn't need stress

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Anonymousabout 13 hours ago

If that makes you feel better or helps you mentally justify your lack of basic cooking skills or even the discipline to learn, please enjoy!

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Anonymousabout 13 hours ago

Anyone with a keyman is just typing rubbish. Ahhhhh men have suffered.Men wants women that can cook because of the idea that a mother have to nurture and take care of their babies; especially at a young age.A man knowing you can cook adds to the idea of you making a home. So if he finds that as a plus on your happy. Ikpu eke

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Anonymousabout 13 hours ago

And when the food and the money finished the friendship don finished oo

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Vay Gunabout 13 hours ago

Manipulation that can only work on a stupid man. Why don't you say,you don't know how to cook and afraid since you r loosing your man coz of that?

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Anonymousabout 13 hours ago

Some women don't know that the internet is not a place to talk anyhow, but it's good at least they expose their pea brains and red flags

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Anonymousabout 3 hours ago

Same as men.

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago

Why is this the only thing Nigerian ladies are always talking about? Are you girls so useless that you cannot stop appealing to the psychology of men with these impression of desperation for marriage? You think any man cares about Nigerian ladies now? You guys have lost it, Men are going outside of Nigeria to marry girls who are not entitled. You have bad behaviors and are poverty stricken looking for men to use as social security. Many African ladies want Nigerian men so desperately and they are not acting entitled like you crazy Nigerian ladies. You don't have money like Linda and you are tweeting rubbish.. UNA DEY CRAZE. Na useless Man dey because of Food take woman wey no get character

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago

This one no sabi cook, take it from me

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TheManabout 12 hours ago

This one is seriously searching for man. Men, leave this flamingos alone, let them keep singing "baba carry dey go my husband house" old cargoes.

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago

Omo there are good men who love food like no man's business. They work hard and are very disciplined with their habits. They will love and respect a good woman who makes good meals. Yes they way to their heart is through that good meal and they respect you for that. There's nothing wrong inviting a man over to your house for a good meal. If it works for you,then by all means jump on it. To each his own. No pressures to tlhe women who can't cook,find something else to appease a good man. But again FOOD BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. (Just saying)

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago


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Olaabout 12 hours ago

No be all bachelor , forget

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago

Linda you must be foolish to think we care about an opinion of a random girl on facebook that might be saying opposite of what she does. Stop fighting to post gist where there is none, nobody cares about random opinion to make it a subject in this blog, talk about the nation and what affects people generally and stop pushing to our face "nonsensical' and stupid opinions that might be from a dyslexic patients just to make sure people comment. This will be the last I will comment on such post.

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Anonymousabout 12 hours ago

Fake hair, English name. No real African man wants you anyway

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Anonymousabout 11 hours ago

He will also leave you for the next available women with a plate of food.

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Anonymousabout 11 hours ago

Aahaaa Ma'am Mimi ! 'Ki l'agbe ki l'eju ?', wetin we carry wetin una throw ? Food like any other thing that could get attention with a longtime mileage is the intent here not food to trap a glutton, or are you a bad cook ? I guess you must be to imagine a man can go outside struggling for food for if you able able to feed him with good food at home eating outside the home become inconvenient for him. You can use good sex to get him am sure you won't be expecting him then become a he-goat sleeping around with every female ge sees...

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Anonymousabout 5 hours ago

Any woman I used my dick to lure into a relationship is not worthy of Marriage. Fact!!!

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Any man I have to use food to lure into being in a relationship with me is a man I don't want - Nigerian lady says (2024)


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